The Gypsy Players

Candice Bryant

Kimilee Bryant

Andrew Bryant

     PART features a company of performers known as The Gypsy Players.  Company members range from professional actors with world-wide experience on Broadway, TV/Film, and International Opera to the youngest local player who may be making a first step into the magic and wonder of the theatrical world.
     This new adventure in bringing professional-community theatre alive in Upstate South Carolina is one that we hope everyone around will become a "part."  We love all aspects of the arts, and as performers, we desire to bring together the people of our community just as we do the different art forms.  While theatre inherently combines the visual and performing arts, our company will provide unique seasons that include productions of opera, plays, and the Broadway musical.
      With the utmost respect and passion for our community, we will strive to bring the best quality theatre available anywhere to right here in our own hometown.

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Be a PART of The Gypsy Players and the convergence of professional and community theatre!  With seasons that include such a variety of performance genres and styles, incorporating live music and including all ages of performers, there is truly something for everyone to see and do.  We would love to have you join our company and become a Gypsy Player!  Please see our audition page for information on when the next opportunity will be.